Refreshing mixers

Clean-tasting, naturally lower sugar mixers that leave you thirsty for more.

Refined by the coast

Made with coastal ingredients and inspired by different shores from around the world. Because everything is more refreshing at the coast.

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Crisp. Green. Playful.


Super fresh on the nose, with marsh grapefruit and a hint of fresh-cut grass. A touch of not-too-bitter quinine rounds the sea salt minerality and bright acidity.

Gulp with relish on a bright, midsummer’s day….


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Rich. Smooth. Bold

Inspired by NEW ENGLAND

Maple syrup and oakwood bring notes of toasted caramel and a light amber colour.

On the nose, hints of vanilla and fresh tobacco, that wrap around any brown spirit and really bring it to life.

Sip blissfully as you kick back to a warm New England sunset…


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Fresh. Subtle. Refined.


A signature touch of sea salt and white-tea extract give a round minerality and savoury umami flavour. Subtle Japanese pine and yuzu fruit on the nose.

A versatile soda water for any spirit, but outstanding with a fine Scotch or Japanese whisky.

Savour whistfully on a late, brooding afternoon…


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Expertly balanced

Thoughtfully balanced combinations of quality, natural ingredients that combine as well as shores and seas.


Finished with a touch sea salt

Our magic ingredient, just enough to add mouthfeel and make you thirsty for another sip.

Always naturally low in sugar

Natural, light sweetness that rounds off spirits to make a perfect low-sugar mix (that’s low in calories too).

Our philosophy

Buy a Coast, Help a Coast

Healthy, abundant, pollution-free coastlines are at the heart of our vision. We’re proud company members of the Marine Conservation Society supporting their incredible work.

Read more about the MCS’s incredible work.

We don’t use plastic, but it’s still our collective problem as far as we’re concerned.  We therefore also partner with Vera to take plastic out of the Oceans.

Keep up with the tide

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