Tonic Green

Tonic Green

Tonic Water is traditionally branded yellow.  But that didn’t feel true to our Coast British Tonic.

Our tonic is less about big hits of sweet and bitter, and much more about a gentle balance between the two. Green felt natural, bright and zingy. And importantly, it nods to our the most important aromatic in out tonic – grass.

Fresh cut grass is the perfect aromatic pairing for the main ingredients in gin: juniper. It’s a natural ingredient you just don’t find in tonic water – and once you’ve tried it you wonder why?

Together with a lower sugar content and the hint of sea salt, plus a touch of grapefruit citrus, the Coast British Tonic Water is a beautifully fresh and versatile mixer for gin or vodka. 

The back story of the Coast Tonic

“The inspiration for our tonic water first came from the Catalonian coast. I first discovered the Catalonian sparkling water Vichy Catalan whilst designing a tasting menu with the chefs of the famed el Bulli restaurant - it was incredible how filled with minerals this sparkling water was – super moreish with a hefty touch of salt – but never getting in the way of the complex food it was paired with.

But the Spanish local tonic water was always the opposite of moreish – sickly sweet, too bitter, and not at all nice. So in trying to create a happy balance, I mixed the two - half Vichy, half local tonic. The sum was way better than the parts. There was less of the sugar, less of the bitterness and this amazing touch of salt that made me thirsty for another sip. That was the model for our Coast Tonic.”

“We started by using only natural fruit sugars well below the levels of previous standard tonics - but balancing this with a mix of three different natural tart notes – from citric (think lemons), malic (think green apple) and succinic (think limes) acids. This was rounded off with natural quinine in a more thoughtful ratio. On the nose, we introduced the evocative perfumes of the Great British coastline – a touch of fresh cut grass, seaside minerality and light citrus. A pinch of British sea salt was the finishing touch, enhancing the constituent flavours and adding mouthfeel. We chose Great Britain as the tonic just seemed so quintessentially British, and the grassy notes were just so evocative of a brisk British coastal day”