Great Drinks

We have rethought every aspect of the mixer to pair with spirits in the most refreshing way.

Happy People

Life feels pretty good at the coast. So we have captured that feeling in every sip through our coastal ingredients.

Better Coastlines

Neither of these two things happen without clean, abundant shores and seas. That’s why we donate a portion of revenues to coastal causes.

So what’s the story…

The Coast story began with a simple problem: gin and tonics just seemed too sweet and bitter to us, soda was too boring, and there was nothing exciting enough to mix with good dark spirits.

Mixers had evolved since the explosion of gin in the 2000s to have better ingredients,  but they still hadn’t been rethought.

If the new generation of ‘premium’ mixers really were the best, why didn’t they leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more?

The Founders

Joe McCanta

Richard Watson

Setting Sail…


So we thought about the place that had always left us feeling refreshed – the Coast. By thinking through every aspect of the mixer with the lens of the Coast we landed on interesting new flavours and a more balanced approach. Our key insight was to add a touch of sea salt. Just enough to add mouthfeel and make you thirsty for another sip, without tasting ‘salty’. Suddenly, bitter notes are rounded, while sweet notes are naturally elevated, meaning far less sugar added.


The blueprint for our mixers was born: a moreish hint of sea salt, vivid coastal ingredients and a clean, balanced and refreshing flavour profile. We’ve played with creating flavours to evoke a different coastal time and place with each blend.

Our philosophy

Buy a Coast, Help a Coast

Healthy, abundant, pollution-free coastlines are at the heart of our vision. We’re proud company members of the Marine Conservation Society supporting their incredible work.

Read more about the MCS’s incredible work.

We don’t use plastic, but it’s still our collective problem as far as we’re concerned.  We therefore also partner with Vera to take plastic out of the Oceans.